» » Demand for rentals is high: what that means for your rental application.

Demand for rentals is high: what that means for your rental application.

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The word ‘unprecedented’ has been used so much since March this year, however, it remains the perfect word to describe an event which hasn’t happened before. This word describes the current demand for rental properties we are experiencing throughout the Barossa Valley and surrounding suburbs this winter.

The current demand for rentals can be likened to the usual hectic Christmas/New Year period. We have many people wanting to move to the Barossa and surrounding areas, but there seems to be a shortage of properties to meet the demand.

If you are a prospective tenant competing in this market, and you want a better chance of being approved for a rental property, here are our tips:

  • When attending a rental viewing be aware and adhere to any COVID-19 requirements.
  • Submit a tenancy application in a timely manner; a delay could be detrimental to your success.
  • Ensure your application is completed in full and has no gaps.
  • Make sure your referees’ contact numbers are correct and ensure they know you have nominated them. If your referee doesn’t return a call from an agent/landlord this could impact the likelihood of a successful application.
  • Provide appropriate identification.
  • Provide any supporting documentation requested, especially regarding income streams and/or tenancy rental history.
  • Sign the privacy page.
  • Ensure the information provided in the application is true and correct.
    For some prospective tenants this process may feel a little intrusive, however, this information is how an agent/landlord will determine their suitability. The Privacy Act is in place to protect prospective tenants and the information you provide.

When there are multiple applications on a rental property only one is successful, however, an unsuccessful applicant could be approved for another property an agent/landlord has coming up.

It’s an exciting time in the Barossa because as our population grows there is a positive flow-on effect for our community and our businesses. New residents are welcome!

Call Lisa Akeroyd at Barossa Rental specialists on 0414 335 660 or drop into our prominent Tanunda office to discuss your rental strategy.

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