At Barossa Rental Specialists (BRS) we only do rentals, so this allows our team to have a sole focus on rental management strategies to maintain a premium service when we are appointed to look after an investor’s rental property. A rental property represents a significant asset to an investor and we support our clients’ ability to maximise their returns on their properties.

BRS has now restructured our business model to have a Maintenance Department dedicated solely to managing and coordinating the maintenance of a rental property. BRS places such importance on maintenance that we retain a dedicated Asset Maintenance Manager who will investigate, liaise and follow-up on all maintenance and property improvement needed at our investors’ rental properties.

BRS knows that having a sole focus on prioritizing the maintenance of rental properties will assist in reducing the risk of deterioration while properties are under tenancy. For us, maintenance issues are not something we simply respond to when a crisis arises. When unforeseen circumstances do occur, we are able to respond quickly with the right tradespeople in place to help.

The BRS Maintenance Department allows our Rental Managers time to stay focused on the day-to-day requirements of our investors and tenants. BRS Rental Managers are attentive at each inspection to identify potential problems so they can be rectified as soon as possible, so the issues do not escalate to a larger problem. In return, this will save our investors money in the long term.



        • Dedicated Asset Maintenance Manager coordinating replacements and/or repairs
        • Responding to and rectifying unforeseen breakdowns promptly
        • Implementing preventive maintenance strategies
        • Liaising and following up tradespeople and contractors assigned to work orders
        • Communicating between the investors and tenants by keeping them up to date
        • Coordinating quotes for replacement or installation of domestic appliances or large maintenance work


        • Quick responses and completion of maintenance required
        • Assistance with insurance claims, if required
        • Focus on minimising and managing risk
        • Assurance all tradespeople are appropriately insured, have current licenses and are registered
        • Utilisation of BRS network of reliable tradespeople and/or contractors for every maintenance job