At Barossa Rental Specialists (BRS) we value the importance of a Management Agreement.

A management agreement is required by law as it enables BRS to act on behalf of the investor when managing their investment property. All registered owners will need to sign the management agreement otherwise we cannot commence working with you.

The management agreement spells out the expectation of both the investor and BRS. This is why we like to meet with you personally (where possible) to cover the majority of aspects of rental management and come up with your tailored solutions.

During our meeting we obtain information relating to the following:
  • Payment instructions
  • BRS’s Fees and charges
  • Special conditions to be placed in the tenancy agreement
  • Smoking
  • Pets
  • Water charges
  • Account payment
  • Maintenance authority
  • Inclusions & exclusions
  • Investors rights and responsibilities

A Management Agreement also requires details of how long the investor agrees to stay with the rental management company. At BRS we are flexible on what period of time this entails. The industry norm is to have a two (2) year fixed term period. We also offer the option of no fixed period (in which case a written notice to terminate will apply).

Obviously, we would like to have a mutual commitment between both parties (the Investor and BRS), therefore we are happy to discuss your circumstances and act accordingly.