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Licensing now required for all Residential Property Managers.

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11 Nov 16

The Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) is delighted at the announcement today from the State Government that residential property managers will need to be licensed in South Australia.

REISA CEO Greg Troughton said “We have lobbied the Government extremely hard for many years over the need for property managers to be licensed in this State. Property Managers manage vast portfolios of property worth many tens of millions of dollars and deal with complex issues between landlords and tenants every day. It is therefore essential that they are as relevant, professional and educated as possible. This not only improves the reputation and accountability of the profession but also serves as a fantastic foundation for consumer protection.”

“South Australia is the only State in Australia that currently has no requirements for residential property management licensing and it is fantastic that we are finally recognising the enormous skills and expertise required to become an effective residential property manager.”

“I would like to thank the Attorney-General, the Hon John Rau MP and the Acting Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Mr George Kamencak and his team for their commitment towards the licensing of property managers and I look forward to meeting with them over the coming months to finalise the details of this important initiative moving forward” Mr Troughton said.

Click here to read the Government’s media release.

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