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Moving and living with COVID-19.

How many times in the last few weeks have we heard “we are living in unprecedented times”?

We have seen the best and worst in people as COVID19 became “real” to the majority of Australian communities. While we are far from being through this pandemic, it may be timely to go over a few points for people needing to move into a new rental property or wanting to stay where they are. Having a home to live in is essential.

Can you still view a rental property?

An agency is still able to conduct a viewing but it must be by private appointment only – no ‘group’ opens. We can assume no agency will be advertising any rental open inspections; it will be up to you to make an enquiry on any property you are interested in and book a private appointment. All agencies have been faced with adapting to new COVID-19 legislation and would have implemented stringent new guidelines when it comes to rental viewings. If you have any concerns, ask the agent what they have implemented and/or if there are alternative ways to view the property. At the time of writing this Rental Tip the Federal and State Governments were still working through what changes or reliefs there will be for both commercial and residential tenancies.

What can a tenant do if they find themselves struggling to pay the rent?

Research what Government benefits are out there; don’t just assume it’s up to the landlord to allow them to stop paying rent. Remember the landlord may be in the same position as you – they may now be unemployed or had a significant loss of income. Show proof of redundancy with a separation certificate. If your property is managed by an agent, communicate with them. Try not to panic; understand that there is a lot of confusion out there and be patient as the industry works through this.

Stay safe, adhere to all hygiene and social distancing guidelines. Enjoy your family time together and look after each other.

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