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Smoke Alarms – it’s more than a push of the button!

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We all know the importance of having a smoke alarm installed in our home and we are constantly reminded around daylight savings time to change the battery.

Simply put, smoke alarms can save the lives of the people residing in a house as they generally act as an early warning about a house fire. As quoted by many groups:
“A smoke alarm stands guard around the clock!”

The legislation requires all South Australian homes (including rental properties) to have a working smoke alarm installed. Home owners and residential landlords are responsible to ensure they are working. There are fines of up to $750 if alarms are not installed.

Maintaining a smoke alarm requires more than pushing a button. Just because an alarm beeps at the time of pushing it doesn’t confirm it is working properly or is compliant.

There are smoke alarm companies who will go to a property and ensure that smoke alarms are working and compliant. This is what they do:

  • they make sure that the alarms meet the Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia
  • they check that alarms haven’t passed their expiry date
  • they remove and test the 9v battery to ensure more than 80% charge is left
  • they test audible output
  • they thoroughly clean the alarm
  • they relocate incorrectly positioned alarms and much more…
  • they provide a compliance report (ideal for insurance purpose if required).

This service can be provided for just under a $100 a year and available to anyone.

Statistics, in general, mention the majority of fatalities in home fires are due to the house having no smoke alarm or no working smoke alarm. Every second counts when a fire begins in a house and the sound of the alarm could give you and your family the precious and sometimes limited time needed to escape.

Whilst smoke alarms are essential and assist in saving lives, you and your family need to know how to get out of the home safely. Ensure all the household knows how to escape when they hear the sound of the smoke alarm and practice the escape routes from each room. Best practice would be to have at least two ways to escape in the case of an emergency.

Remember once out stay out.

If you own an investment property and would like peace of mind, contact Lisa Akeroyd from Barossa Rental Specialists on 0414 335 660 to discuss your rental management strategy.

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