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Tenant alterations… but it’s only a hook?

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Recently I was speaking with a landlord who had experienced their tenants installing multiple hooks into the walls of their rental property, without gaining permission first. When the hooks were discovered during routine inspections, it was never raised with the tenants.
“What is the issue with this?” I hear you say. Plenty! The problem was that by the time the tenants vacated, the landlord ended up collecting a jar full of their “hooks” which turned out to be dyna bolts! These tenants also decided to make other adjustments to structures and attach items to the external surfaces to the house.
Without controlling the actions of these tenants, it appears they thought they were allowed to do what they wanted to the property; however, it takes a lot longer to repair a rental property when this happens.
Whether an improvement made by a tenant – such as a key hook by the front door, hanging Christmas lights from the eaves, driving nails, plugs or screws into any surface or even fixing any type of adhesive material to any part of the rental – it must not happen without the prior written consent of the Landlord.
Simply put, when a tenant rents a property, they inspect it prior to the tenancy commencing and entering into an agreement means that they accept what the rental property offers. There may be no hooks on the walls to hang pictures, no cooling in the bedrooms, no tool shed to store items or no lawn to sit on… but this is how the property is presented and offered. Even if or when the tenant requests to do an improvement or installation the landlord is not obligated to agree with every single request made by the tenant.
If something appears to be out of place, check your documentation and if there is a discrepancy raise it and sort it out. Everything comes back to how the Rental Manager and/or the landlord communicates with the tenant about the renovations, alterations or additions to the rental property. It doesn’t have to end up in an argument – just keep communication clear and identify the expectations of each party.

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