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This is the crazy season when applying for a rental property!

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As we lead up to the New Year the demand for rental properties in the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas increases dramatically as people rush to be settled by the end of January, before school starts.

Earlier this year we wrote an article with tips for prospective tenants applying for a rental property. We thought it would be helpful to revisit some of this advice about how to complete a rental application correctly, especially if there are multiple applications being received by the property manager.

Once you have seen a property (or your proxy) and established the property suits your requirements, our top tip is to complete all sections on your rental application in full and correctly. Do not leave any gaps. This is your chance to paint a full picture!

Often, when a property manager is faced with processing multiple applications in a short timeframe, they do not always have time to chase an applicant who has missed information, not provided it or provided it incorrectly. In this event, your application may be overlooked.

Here is how you can avoid this situation:

  • Contact numbers (for your referees) – make sure they are correct
  • Employment referee – If you are in the process of starting a new job provide the new employer’s details and contact number plus your previous employer.
  • Income details – Ensure all income sources are provided and you correctly state the payment cycle ie: weekly, fortnightly, monthly.
  • Centrelink and/or family allowance – be specific on the total amount you receive, even if you have attached a payment statement.
  • Rental history is an imperative part of the application. Provide as many rental references as you can.
  • Home owners who have never rented before can use the real estate agent who has handled their property dealings as a referee. If you have only boarded, give the name/s and contact number/s of who you lived with.
  • Referees – make sure they are available to give a reference (not on annual leave or left their company). Are their contact numbers correct?
  • Pets – give as much information as possible. Supplying a pet reference is recommended, either from your current property manager/landlord or vet.
  • Privacy section and Tenant Reference Check page – make sure you sign these pages. Some agents will not give a reference unless they have a copy of these sections.
  • 100-point identification must accompany any application with at least one form of identification being photographic.
  • Gaps – If there is information omitted, explain why.

A rental application is a tenant’s chance to advise a property manager or landlord who they are and why they would make a better tenant than other applications. A tenant has the responsibility to ensure the information provided is true and correct.


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