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Where did your garden go?

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From your rental specialist, Lisa, as she discovers how quickly winter weeds can take over garden beds! 

“On a recent weekend the sun decided to peak out from the clouds, and I was extremely happy because it also had some warmth in it.  I decided to review my garden beds to see how the plants I had placed in them at the beginning of the season were faring…

To my surprise I couldn’t see them as the garden beds were overgrown with weeds!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I knew that had a routine inspection been due I would have failed because I wouldn’t have had time to weed the front and back garden beds in time.

After about an hour of weeding I can report that I did see a remarkable difference in my garden beds. I must admit – I did pull up some plants amongst the weeds – but quickly placed them back in the ground.

This made me think that next year I would find an hour, on a regular basis, during the weekends over winter to keep on top of the weeds (and much earlier than now!).  At least then it doesn’t become a massive job.

Now, I need to finish off this bed… then 5 others!”


My tips for late winter gardening:

  1. Get out in the winter freshness, for exercise, and it will lift your spirits as you’ve probably been cooped up inside for the most of winter!
  2. Winter pruning helps bring on the new Spring growth.
  3. Rake up leaves; pick up twigs, sticks and bark.
  4. Aerate the lawn.
  5. Spread mulch over vegie gardens and start to plan the new crop.
  6. Clean garden furniture ready to use and enjoy it throughout the coming summer months.

Note: If you don’t know how to do any of the above go online and learn or get someone to do this for you! It’s worth the money to have your home look loved and cared for. Also here is a link to a garden expert’s 6 tips for effective weed control: www.finegardening.com/six-tips-effective-weed-control

Happy gardening!


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