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Why you should maintain your rental property

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Recently a rental property was becoming vacant and we suggested to the landlord to make two improvements to the property prior to a new tenant moving in. The landlords could see the benefits and agreed to paint throughout the inside of the house and install a dishwasher. This resulted in a substantial increase in the weekly rent.

Generally, a rental property which is well maintained will increase in value and attracts better quality tenants. Tenants also seem to stay longer in a rental property where a landlord keeps on top of the maintenance which they are responsible for. One of the most common reasons why a tenant moves out is because they aren’t happy due to the lack of maintenance being attended to or the timeframe in which it gets actioned.

Taking a proactive approach of checking both the exterior and inside of the rental property is a start, however, scheduling annual maintenance such as gutters, gas heaters, pruning are also highly recommended to minimise any short- or long-term damage happening.

Don’t underestimate the time and effort which is involved in maintaining a rental property. This is why having a Rental Management Agency there to help a landlord coordinate the maintenance, obtain quotes and sometimes project manage bigger issues creates a win/win for all parties. Most landlords have their own daily commitments to attend to and actually may not be aware of the importance of coordinating some maintenance issues in a very quick timeframe.

Common sense also needs to prevail and not all maintenance needs to be actioned immediately. This is of course unless it is deemed an urgent repair such as a burst water pipe, exposed electrical parts, no hot water, major roof leaks, a blocked toilet (and there is no other operational toilet available in the rental).

Maintenance of a rental property isn’t just the landlord’s responsibility, there are tenant responsibilities such as air conditioning filters, exhaust fans, range hoods, ovens. These domestic appliances are the tenant’s responsibility to care for them when it comes to cleaning, as per the manufacturing manual’s instructions. The manufacturing manual are issued at the commencement of the tenancy agreement.

Clear and precise communication is one of the keys to successfully arranging maintenance at a rental property, whether it be between the agent and landlord, the agent and tenant or a combination of the agent, contractor, landlord and tenant.

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