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Access to a rental property.

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“What do you mean I cannot go to the rental property today?”
“Are landlords allowed to come to the routine inspection?
“I’m free Sunday to do the maintenance”
“I’m not home so it’s not suitable to do the maintenance/ conduct the routine inspection….”

These are some of the statements a Rental Manager is asked daily when it comes to arranging access to a rental property. The rule to remember is that a tenant cannot unreasonably deny access and a landlord cannot unreasonably expect immediate access.

The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) is extremely clear on when access notifications must be given but let’s explore some of the reasons why access is required at a rental property:
• Routine inspection
• Carry out repairs or maintenance
• Garden Maintenance
• Emergency
• Collect rent
• Show the home to prospective tenants
• Show the home to prospective buyers
• Follow up on a breach
• Check to see if a property is abandoned
… or any other genuine purpose.

In accordance with the RTA the notification for the above activities must be conducted during normal hours, which means the hours between 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday (no Sunday or public holidays).

In some circumstances written notice must be given to a tenant prior to entering the rental property. If a tenant wishes to be present at the rental property, when access is required, then all parties should work together to schedule a suitable day/time, taking into consideration the commitments of all parties involved.

There could be a breach by the tenant if they deny the landlord access, especially when the correct notification has been given. If gaining access continues to be an issue with the tenant, the landlord can apply to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT). SACAT will then advise if access is granted.

If a property uses a Rental Manager, the above steps would be actioned by them on behalf of the landlord. All parties working together can avoid conflict, especially if it is appreciated that the property is the tenant’s home as well as the landlord’s property.

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