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Communication is the key to an effective tenancy.

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A key element to an effective tenancy is the art of communication. As a rental manager we have an important role in facilitating the relationship between the landlord and tenant, rental manager and landlord and rental manager and tenant, plus all the other people we touch base with in our day-to-day operations. There are many layers to what we do.

Here are a few tips to ensure effective communication for your rental property:

Setting the tone of the relationship.
The way we react to a situation, speak, write, text or even what we don’t say or do can set the tone for the ongoing relationship, especially in a tenancy arrangement. It is important to think about what you want to say before saying it and always be mindful of the outcome and potential consequences once an issue is out in the open.

Email etiquette:
We live in a society where emails virtually run our lives. The expectation of an instant response is a reality. An effective communicator will be realistic in their time-frame for a response.
If your matter is urgent, ensure the person receiving the email understands your deadline. Better still, use the old-fashioned way and pick the phone up and call the person!
Respect people through your emails.
Ensure you are sending a clear message.
Don’t rush… you may leave something out.
Look where you have used capitalisation, and consider the time of the email being sent.
Re-read the email and ask yourself “is the content necessary” before pushing send.

Meet face-to-face:
If the matter is serious or you have concerns, meet with the person face-to-face. This way you can watch the other person’s body language and listen to their side. Always be genuine about wanting to reach a mutual compromise or resolution to the matter. Never assume anything and be open-minded. A situation may not be as black and white; there are always two sides to a situation. Once you have all the information it sets the path on what course of action you take next. Also remember that personal problems or events may affect the way someone handles or responds to a situation. If someone acts out of character, there could be more going on.

Good manners.
It should go without saying but always get back to someone who has taken the time to email you or leave a message on your phone. Also, in the event you have misjudged a situation or behaved in error, a simple apology can make a huge difference to resolving the issue.

In summary:
The art of communicating isn’t just a one-way transaction. It needs to be a two-way exchange between all the parties. Your rental manager holds the key to building and maintaining amicable relationships at your rental property.

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