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Garden Maintenance and Watering

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The facts are simple when it comes to looking after the gardens and yards: it is a shared responsibility between the landlord and tenant. Let me explain this further….

The majority of tenants have inspected a rental property prior to submitting an application for it. This is the time for the tenant to assess whether or not they will be able to maintain the gardens and yards to the same standard. If not, then don’t apply.

If the tenant wants the rental property, they will submit an application and if successful, then the tenant has the responsibility under the Residential Tenancies Act to maintain the property. A tenant cannot intentionally or negligently cause or permit damage to the premises or ancillary property.

Most tenancy agreements will state the general upkeep of the gardens is a tenant’s responsibility, such as watering, mowing and weeding. The tenant is only responsible to maintain the garden as part of the property to the same standard as they took over the rental property at the commencement of the tenancy.

During the next few months some gardens will experience a lot of leaves falling onto the ground. We call this green waste litter which needs to be removed by the tenant. Why? Because it can affect the ground cover underneath it, become a slip hazard or kill off gardens.

If a tenant is confused on what their responsibility is, either call the Rental Manager, Landlord or Consumer and Business Services. Family and friends, while they may mean well, could ill inform the tenant.

Landlords are responsible for pruning of trees and shrubs and even the removal of the plant when they are causing other maintenance issues for the rental property.

In the past we have experienced quite dry seasons, therefore, gardens and yards need watering by tenants. This still means the tenant is responsible for paying for the water usage during the tenancy term. If a tenant is having difficulty in paying the water bill, we recommend the tenant speaking with their Rental Manager and/or Landlord immediately (don’t wait until the due date has passed). A payment plan could be organised or an extension on the due date of the invoice.

If everyone plays their parts with garden maintenance then there will be less likely any issues when it comes to the end of the tenancy agreement and the settlement of the bond refund.

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