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How to look after your garden whilst on holidays.

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The ‘silly season’ is in full swing, and everyone has planned for Christmas Day… the food is organised and the presents are wrapped! Your next step may be heading away for a well earned break; a holiday to relax and reflect on the year that was and the year to come.

One thing which remains at home when you leave is your garden.

How can it be cared for when you are not there? You want to return from holidays to the same beautiful garden you left behind.

Here are some helpful hints to ensure your gardens don’t suffer when you are away, which takes some forward planning:

• Water!

This is the most important thing. Start watering more deeply and less frequently at the beginning of the season. This encourages deeper root
growth. Better still install a water timer and drip irrigation system. If not, leave it as late as possible and soak all the grounds in your garden  beds, then place compost or mulch over the top. This will help the soil beneath remain damp for as long as possible. Water your lawns as a last thing before you go.

• Weed!

Do this the day before you leave or as close as possible. This will prevent weeds competing for water.

• Tidy up!

Stake and re-tie veggies and plants needing support, deadhead any flowers or harvest veggies to help conserve the plants energy, trim hedges, secure and weigh down items in your garden, install shade cloth over garden beds for protection on hot days

• Mow!

Trim before you go with a much closer cut if you are away longer. Overgrown lawns may display you are away.

• Don’t!

plant new things or fertilise the garden and yards before you go away. This will prevent sudden new growth when you are away and the
requirement for more water.

As a tenant you certainly have a responsibility to ensure the gardens and lawns do not die when you are on
holiday. The easiest way to have them looked after is to ask a family member or neighbour to garden-sit during this period. You can easily return the favour for them as well. Encourage your helper to enjoy any vegetables or herbs which become ready to eat when you are away or to cut fresh flowers for their vase.

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