Rental management is the core focus of our business.

We want to do one thing and do it well every day. Our goal is to ascertain what your expectations are for managing your rental property. For this to happen we like to discuss with you the typical situations that can arise and the options available to you. We can then tailor a rental management strategy for you, and explain the management fee structure we will apply.

All rental companies are not the same.

Prior to signing up one of your most valuable assets with a rental agency, take the time to do your homework. Each agency will differ in the services they offer and their fee structure.  One size doesn’t fit all.

If you purchased your home or investment property from a real estate agent, this does not commit you to sign up with them to manage the property. The choice remains yours.

Why choose Barossa Rental Specialists (BRS)?

BRS are committed to ensuring both the investor and tenant receive exceptional service. Our responsibility is to make sure all parties are knowledgeable when it comes to their responsibilities regarding the rental property.

Our communication styles are adapted to suit each individual’s requirements. We want to minimise any possibility of miscommunication (this is where things can go wrong). We are honest, caring and want everyone to have a positive experience when dealing with us.

BRS have systems, both manual and automatic, to ensure all parties have access to all necessary documents, rental history and maintenance records 24/7. You do not have to make an enquiry within typical “office hours” to gain access to them. These systems make tax time a lot easier for investors as all relevant information, statements, copies of bills are located at their fingertips in one spot.

At BRS we do not cut corners when it comes to managing your rental property.

Our team offers you:

• Tailored rental management solutions
• Great follow up
• Timely communication
• Up to date industry knowledge
• Reliable mobile service
• Professionally facilitated resolution
• The latest technology and systems

We may not be the biggest but we pride ourselves on the boutique service we can provide. Our main aim is to be the market leader in rental management by building a trusted name through knowledge, respect, passion to be the best and accessibility.

Online Investor Portal

Our investors can access their details about their property and tenancy online via a portal. You log in using your own unique user-name and password. The Portal allows you to:
• View a list of your managed properties
• View reports for the current period and previous periods
• View income & expenditure reports
• View Invoices
• View your property manager’s contact details
• Contact your property manager
• Retrieve your username and password
• Change your password
• View documents related to your property.