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Lease renewals.

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The facts are simple when it comes to a landlord and/or tenant renewing a fixed term tenancy agreement: either party must give written notice at least 28 days prior to the end of the existing tenancy term on whether they intend to extend.

Generally, a tenant will give notice of not renewing due to a job transfer, need a bigger or smaller home, separation, affordability, purchased a property or their house has finished being built or renovated. Whereas a landlord could give notice to a tenant for any reason; they do not need to provide an explanation.

Occasionally, we have seen the landlord’s and tenant’s relationship sour. This could be due to the landlord having to deal with a flood of reported maintenance, spasmodic rental payments, poor behaviour/communications or the general upkeep of the property is poor with heavy wear and tear and gardens deteriorating. At some point in time the landlord may consider finding a new tenant… and why not? In the Barossa Valley demand remains high with minimal rental supply. In this market on an averaging a maximum of 6 to 12 rental properties are being marketed on realestatecom.au weekly.

How do you avoid a relationship becoming soured? Watch how you communicate:
 Stay on topic, bringing thing up from the past serves no purpose now.
 Never assume anything, be open minded and seek clarification.
 Respect people; be honest and courteous.
 Think before you speak, attitude and mood can convey so much.
 Emails have no tone of voice, if possible, meet in person.
 Look at a situation objectively – there are two sides to every situation.

No matter how you find yourself feeling, the big takeaway is to try and not burn a bridge with someone. If this happens it means a relationship is less likely to be able to be repaired. Then you are less likely to be able to resolve our issue or concern.

Why is this important to remember? Because if you are relying on keeping a good tenant or want your landlord to renew your existing tenancy agreement, the prior 12 months will certainly be a part of the consideration to the outcome on a lease being renewed or not.

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