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Pets in rental properties

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Did you know that South Australia is one of the last states where a landlord must grant permission for a pet to be kept by a tenant in their investment property? Yes, you have read correctly, SA is one of the last states where a rental property can be advertised stating, “no pets”.

At the beginning of April, a third reading of the Residential Tenancies (Renting with Pets) Amendment Bill 2020 was overturned. In fact, there was an overwhelming majority of Upper House member who voted against this Bill. This now means this Bill can progress no further in State Parliament.

There are always ‘for’ and ‘against’ when a landlord decides whether to allow pets. Generally, this will come back to the previous experiences of the landlord and whether the tenant who had the pet did the right thing.

Tips for tenants renting with pets:

  • Be honest – is your pet an inside & outside pet? If so, let the landlord know.
  • Don’t try to hide the fact you have a pet if you are not allowed one.
  • Be responsible. Ensure you take full responsibility of the damage your pet does to a rental property. Have the damage fixed properly.
  • Be clean and tidy. Ensure faeces are cleaned up and removed from the property regularly, especially prior to a routine inspection being conducted. (Flicking them into garden beds or squirting them into the ground isn’t cleaning up or removing faeces.)

Things for a tenant to consider at the final inspection:

  • Has the damage to the property either inside and/or outside (if any) been fixed to a tradesperson’s level?
  • Are there any pet smells inside the house? If so, these need to be treated properly (simply steam cleaning the carpets does not remove pet smells).
  • Are the yards cleaned up and free of faeces?

The response or commitment to do the right thing by a tenant, during and at the end of the tenancy, will also determine if a tenancy agreement is renewed and will influence the type of reference the landlord/rental manager will give when the tenant is looking to relocate.

Simply put, if you have been allowed to keep your family “fur” member at a rental property – don’t ruin it for others – do the right thing!

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