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The importance of setting up a tenancy correctly with an accurate in-going inspection report.

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The other month we were discussing the importance of routine inspections and if a tenant keeps on top of the cleaning it could assist them with the final inspection requirements.

Now let’s go back one step to the beginning of a tenancy. There are many things a landlord(s) is obligated to do at the commencement of the tenancy from providing a copy of a lease agreement, provide appropriate contact details to ensuring the tenant(s) are given copies of an in-going inspection report.

What is detailed in an inspection report?

The inspection report details the condition and cleanliness of the rental property and any fixtures/fittings and/or furniture at the time the tenant(s) commenced renting the property.  These inspection reports can take several hours to complete.

There are many different formats in which this information can be captured from hand written reports to typed reports with photos. If any photos are taken and form part of this inspection report the tenant(s) must receive a copy of them.

It is strongly advised for a tenant(s) to review the information in the inspection report and actively agree or disagree with what is written in it.  If a tenant(s) disagrees with any part of the report, then they should write what they believe to be correct. Should there be any discrepancy in the report then both parties should be addressing this immediately.

Generally, a tenancy agreement will stipulate when the tenant(s) must have the report back to the landlord(s) or agent.  There is no obligation for the landlord(s) and/or agent to follow up on the return of this report, but good practice would see the return of this document followed up.

This report also goes towards forming the basis of the condition of the property when conducting routine inspections and the final inspection.

Maintaining the condition of your rental property helps to protect
your valuable investment.

Most landlord(s) (or investors) purchase a property as an investment for their future and will want the condition of the rental property to be maintained.

This report is the only proof of the condition of the rental property at the commencement of the tenancy and in the event of a dispute this document may be called upon to settle the matter especially if the repayment of a bond at the end of the tenancy is pending.

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