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What is Landlord Insurance?

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From our business partner, Your 1 Stop Insurance Shop, 58 Murray Street, Angaston.

Cover for your valuable investment plus security knowing that you have cover if your tenant causes deliberate or intentional damage. Not every landlord policy is the same, each insurer has unique features.

At Your 1 Stop Insurance Shop we have a range of Insurers who offer different terms and conditions such as:

·       Flood – as standard (some insurers)

·       Loss of Rent (arising from a defined event claim)

·       Optional Rent default and theft by tenant

·       Pet damage owned by tenants (limits apply)

·       Garbage removal

·       Lock changing following court ordered eviction

·       Deliberate, intentional, malicious damage by tenant


What if your property is completely destroyed by fire and you still have a mortgage to pay, landlord insurance can cover loss of rent for up to 12 months.

Most claims are paid less any excess applicable or bond money that may be applied. Excesses can be applied to each event that occurs at your property, some insurers can charge multiple excesses in what seems to be the same claim.  We are able to help you decide what is best for your situation and we can advise the types of cover required to keep your investment safe, no matter how careful we are there is always a possibility of a problem tenant.

Call us if you would like to discuss.

0885 642 559 or drop in at 58 Murray Street Angaston

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