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Winter Maintenance

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As the cold weather is truly upon us, we tend to hibernate at home preferring to keep warm, but it is still important to be vigilant with keeping on top of maintenance around the house.

In a rental property everyone has a part to play when it comes to winter maintenance.

• Dampness – look out for wet patches on ceilings or in walls. If you notice any, report it immediately to your rental manager or landlord.
• Ventilate rooms – by moving air around it will assist in the prevention of black spots and condensation forming in a room.
• Ceiling fans – once you have cleaned them, reverse the direction of the fan to force warm air down.
• External drains – keep clear of leaves and debris to help avoid flooding.
• Weeding – keep on top of winter weeds before they get out of control and garden maintenance then becomes a bigger job.
• Rake leaves – an excessive amount of fall leaves can kill lawn or garden which lay underneath them.
• Lawn – it is advised you raise the mowing height to prevent damaging the grass which can result in scalping and browning. Stop watering unless the grass looks very dry. If you must water, do it early in the morning.
• Pool maintenance – skim the pool of leaves and debris, empty skimmer baskets, test, and balance water, if the pool has a cover – use it!

• Fireplaces, chimneys and heaters – clean and/or service them so they work efficiently.
• Smoke alarms – should be checked and serviced annually.
• Gutters and down-pipes – clean them to prevent them overflowing into ceilings or wall cavities.
• Pruning – keep foliage and tree branches clear from gutters.
It is easy to ignore the maintenance jobs that need to be done around the house – especially outdoors – but a few preventative actions now can prevent you from having to deal with bigger issues at a later date.

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